Georgina Antoinette


The Shadows of Rhodes

The continuing story of letting curiosity lead to where no

one should go, and opening a Pandora's box of trouble.  


Georgina Antoinette

About the Author

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Book 1

452 printed pages


        Georgina Antoinette has lived most of her life in Southern California

and then relocated to the West coast of Washington state, where she lives

with husband Harry, two cats, Henry and Tilly, and a jailbird dog named

Barkley, that add to the joys of living. As life throws us a curve,  she

resurfaced focusing on a new path.

    "Just when I thought life was beginning to get easier I suddenly found myself a

widow. I dove into writing "The Shadows of Rhodes" series as a form of therapy, I suppose, which helped get me through my grief. Writing was a whole new direction for me to forge.

     I think there comes a time in one's life that things you never could do before are more easily accomplished. Whether it's  education, training or

just the experience of living, many goals may be attained ."

    Georgina's background includes becoming an accomplished professional artist,

antique dealer, a professional Gemologist, and writer of The Shadows of Rhodes series. Research on the next writing adventure is presently being researched.


The Shadows of Rhodes

A series of love, and lost loves, crime and mystery.

In The Shadows of Rhodes series, Helen and Morgan, old friends and traveling companions,  struggle to get to their destination. Everything seems to go wrong. By the time they reach Rhodes, two days of their two-week vacation was plagued by the traveler's nightmare. They are rescued by a taxi driver in the middle of the night while they walked toward civilization. Helen finds an attraction to their taxi driver that seems to awaken feelings in her that she hadn't felt in a very long time. In a less than ideal marriage arrangement, Helen struggles to resist Dimitris. She is drawn to him and yet she knows that she will be going home soon.

    The purchase of an old photograph in a souvenir shop, coupled with an undying curiosity into things better left buried, has Helen unaware of the value of her find. As The Beginning, the first book of the series unfolds, elements that surround the photograph begin to intrude on an otherwise  perfect vacation. With the help of Dimitris and his family, Helen is able to learn part of the story of the child in the photo. News that the framed photo has been found by tourists becomes known to unscrupulous thugs, violent repercussions occur, while a burning attraction to the taxi driver has her fighting his magnetic pull on her.

   First released as an Ebook, this edition has been edited and expanded to include book two of the original ebook series.

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Book 2: The Gods Have Smiled, continues the adventure of the strange little picture of a child that seems to plague Helena with bad luck, danger, and fear. As Helena becomes more involved with Dimitris she tries to keep others from the danger that follows her. Situations beyond her control invade the lives of everyone around her. Her relationships take a toll, she begins to question her own intentions and those of Dimitris. Her past impacts her actions and trust issues influence her to make bad decisions. A tall stranger appears, and will become part of the mystery; or is he the one behind the threats?

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Book 3

From Curiosity to Obsession

by Georgina Antoinette

Trying to find more information about the child in the little picture, Helena faces the scrutiny of the locals. Being an outsider, she deals with lies and superstition in her search for answers. She was warned, "leave it alone," and don't delve into things she doesn't understand. Her curiosity and tenaciousness wouldn't allow her to give up the search for answers. More unanswered questions arise with the mysterious disappearance of the mother and child. Beyond the threats to obtain the photo at any cost, the danger takes its toll on the relationship between Helena and Dimitris. Throw in Camilla (the "red menace"), jealousy, and suspicion. Helena lets her emotions take her to extremes.

269 pages

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