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The Shadows of Rhodes Series, Book 1 introduces Helena, an American tourist, and Dimitris, the taxi driver who is so helpful, as the main characters in a romance/crime/mystery.

We'll be there as they meet, see their past and the situations that ensue as they try to establish a relationship. Everything seems to go sour after Helena purchases an old photo in a souvenir shop. The photo is the catalyst for the danger and threats that seem to follow them. They must contend with old lovers who want to cause trouble, while they also have to be looking over their shoulders for the danger that threatens them.  pages - 464    Eye-ease larger typeface.


Book 2, The Gods Have Smiled,As the story continues in Book 2 of the series, Helena becomes touchy with the events surrounding the picture and it seems to also reflect on how she views Dimitris. She becomes suspicious of his actions toward other women and the strain it puts on their relationship becomes hurtful and distrustful. She loves him. She knows she loves him, but can she trust him? Is she too sensitive? Although the subject of the photo has been dropped from the conversation, it is never forgotten. Having to be sure there are no suspicious characters lurking behind every bush, and watching every step to be sure no one is following, adds to the stress that relationships may not survive. Another question arises about Mr. Sahj. Who is he? He seems to appear at the oddest times. Is he part of the criminal element? Can he be trusted or is he a major player in the game? And he seems to know more than he should. Who is he?  pages - 308  $12.99

eBook - $3.99

The Shadows of Rhodes, Book 3 

From Curiosity to Obsession by Georgina Antoinette

She came to Rhodes for a vacation. By purchasing an old photo of a child, she opened a world of threats, criminals, and secrets. To stop the threats, should she let the criminals have the photo? Knowing as much as she does, would it matter? Investigating the clues that seem to surround the photo, maybe finding the secret to the photo would solve the problem. But, do they have all the pieces to the puzzle? 

Eye ease larger typeface

276 pages - $14.98      eBook - $4.99

The Shadows of Rhodes, Book 4

The Price of the Puzzle by Georgina Antoinette

Men in shadows, peeking around corners, men hiding behind newspapers, and an inept police dept. on the small island, speaks of danger at every turn. The pranks of Camilla adds to the stress

which Helena will tolerate no more. Helena is tired. Tired of the constant intimidation and the constant pranks that Camilla pulls in an effort to undermine the relationship between Helena and Dimitris. More pieces of the puzzle are revealed, and the "cat" has many faces.  pages - 308   $14.99   eBook  $4.99

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The Shadows of Rhodes, Book 5

The Red-Eyed Cat by Georgina Antoinette
London proved to be the shining light when new information is uncovered.
The quest to bring all the clues together and solve the mystery takes Helena back to Greece. She has to deal with Dimitris to either revive their relationship or finally let it die. With Vanderbur still a threat, it will be vital to follow the clues to the end quickly, lest Vanderbur gets there before them.

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