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The Shadows of Rhodes

   by georgina  Antoinette

I.   The key to the puzzle

         for you to hold

         of tin or iron 

         but not of gold.

II.   To guard the key

          the cat does sit

          In wet surround

          within the pit.

III.   Rare is the vision

           of the red-eyed cat

           for the one on the left

           is where it sat.

IV.  In darkness far within

          the maze

          of far-out hills

          a trail to blaze

V.  Cross the cat

          in peril be

          as found in death

          you soon may be

VI.   Pay for life

            with loose of tongue

            a generation

             soon be gone

VII.   Rescue that

             that dwells within

             from those whose fate

             was sealed by sin.

Book 5

In down direction, 

      right on sea,

      left could find

      the sign you need.

Two arrows point

       thine to thee,

​       three trunks entwine

       where shadows flee.


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